Building an eCommerce site is not everyone’s cup of tea and those who are involved in the field of creating eCommerce sites only know how time-consuming and intricate the whole process is which involves a team of excellent people managing the content who individually load each and every product and negotiations with each manufacturer so as to enable their products online, even before the actual listing process begins. Even after so much of hard work, the team consisting of the best SEO experts, marketing strategies and web developers involved in the whole process might go through failures of not being able to build the site that attracts enough traffic online. This might lead to a great loss not only to the business firms but to the SEO agencies as well.

So why not switch over to certain steps to be followed so as to build a better eCommerce site that ensures that the website would be appealing enough to attract all genuine and potential clients?

Let us have a look at those simple ways that would guarantee to enhance your ecommerce websites up to ten times.

  1. You need to purchase a domain name and find a developer

A domain name becomes a necessity for creating an eCommerce website because that will help to identify your brand.  The next step you need to take is to find and consult a professional and experienced web developer before launching your eCommerce site. You also need to get references from other eCommerce websites. Choosing a web developer can be a tricky business. The entrepreneurs might choose with a developer without doing their due diligence. But this might prove to be harmful to your business.

  1. You need to get all the paperwork for a legitimate business.

So as to establish your business, it is important for you to get your business registered, and get a vendor’s License. You should even contact a local attorney so that they can assist in the building up of your business. After getting a legal approval to establish the business, you will be required to verify and present appropriate organizational documents.

  1. You need to select eCommerce and website hosting platform.

One of the major steps involved so as to enhance your eCommerce website is to select an eCommerce and website hosting platform which will let you save time and money, thus making it much easier to integrate plugins, and helping you in payment processing and so on.

  1. You need to find a theme that can your eCommerce vision and aligns with the business

Themes are necessary for the creation of the website so as to align them with the business. While there are hundreds and thousands of themes available online, these themes can also be created and purchased at affordable rates to align the layouts that are desired for the promotion of a business. Since building your site from a scratch can be pretty time-consuming, it is generally recommended to purchase themes, layouts, and templates from the internet because they give easier options for customization.

  1. You need to take your business website live.

Getting started with your business website also includes giving detailed information about your business; its qualities that make it stand out, its experience, its specialties and the reasons why your services should be preferred by others. This would take your business to an entirely new level as it would not only bring your business life but would also let you establish your legitimacy when you are negotiating deals with clients and vendors.

  1. You need to try Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

Help A Reporter Out (HARO) is a free tool available online which lets you generate amazing exposure and be a game changer, enhancing your business to hike up at great rates if it is executed efficiently and carefully along with other strategies. Basically, HARO provides the journalists with a powerful database of sources for the upcoming stories and opportunities for the sources so as to secure valuable media coverage.

  1. You need to approach PitchBox to develop relationships with media contacts

Pitchbox can efficiently automate the outreach grunt work so that you can stay focused in creating real, person-to-person business relationships and contacts with the potential clients, business dealers and other people whom you want to reach. It can proficiently help you to scale your outreach efforts and handle all aspects such as prospecting, emailing, tracking and managing the workflow.

  1. You need to get a payment gateway.

So as to enhance your e-commerce website, the last and the most important step you need to follow is to get approved for a payment gateway and a credit card processor. Before applying for it, you will be required to set up a secure checkout process on your business website, build a Privacy Policy and Return Policy, and figure out your shipping and delivery methods. Along with this, you will be required to have an efficiently-working customer service phone number and email address.

So as to make your eCommerce site a big success, all the given steps should be considered and sincerely followed. Following these eight simple steps to make better e-commerce websites would never let you down. Start working on your e-commerce website today and see the results soon!