Content writing and blogging is a skill and these are the backbone of a search engine optimization. For any SEO to have a long-lasting and deep rooted impact, it becomes important for the SEO agencies to hire and include experienced and fluent content writers in their team so that the websites look informative and organized. The content that is prepared should be descriptive, SEO-friendly and should have the capability to convert the readers and potential clients.

A major challenge that pops up is to make the websites user-friendly so as to attract genuine traffic and potential clients whose frequent visits to the websites boosts up the rankings of the business website and earns them a good traffic. Optimization of the websites has a major support of the contents of the websites that have the ability to attract the readers towards their websites for a longer period of time. But one must also understand that even over-optimization can lead to hazardous effects. So, it is important for the bloggers to write SEO friendly blog posts and convert their readers by following the given simple steps and strategies:

  1. Think before you write and plan a structure of your blog

Taking a moment as soon as you write lets you collect thoughts and into your mind and organize them. The blogger should start with the introduction of the topic so that the readers get an idea about what the content is all about. The introduction should be succeeded by the relevant, reliable and informative content body in which ideas should be put in bullet points. At last, the blogger should sum up all the ideas in the content. This makes the blog organized and relevant enough to read.

  1. Use paragraphs and headings

Organizing the content in paragraphs plays a major role to make it more presentable and readable. As soon as the blog deviates from a topic or takes a new turn, the content should be framed into a new paragraph. Adding tags, Meta tags, Meta descriptions headings and subheadings also plays a significant role in the content-writing. These elements are necessary to give a clear idea about the topics covered in the content.

  1. The length of the article must be optimized.

While preparing the blogs, it should be kept in mind that the content should not be too concise and short. Short articles of less than 300 words cannot provide the users and visitors with enough information on your topic. But the articles that are too lengthy might also drive the visitors away because practically, nobody has the time to read the blogs over 2000 words or so. In simple words, the users and visitors might get bored! So it is better to make your content relevant, informative and organized first before making it big.

  1. Link the blogs to previous content.

One must not forget to link the blogs with the previous articles and posts, if one has already written some content in relation to the current post. This makes the post stronger because it lets the blogger to show some authority on the topic and the subject. The content must also be linked to the references so as to validate the content even more. But, at the same time, you should try to make your content much more attractive so that the visitors might spend more time reading and scrolling down on your website.

  1. Insert SEO plugin in your blogs

Inserting plugins in the content adds an advantage to your blogs and enhances the content to make it SEO friendly

  • The plugin in the content allows you to formulate a Meta description.
  • The plugin analyzes the text you write and indicates the readability of your article.

The soul aim of the blogger should be to create SEO friendly content so as to enhance user-friendly nature of the blogs, attract traffic and boost the rankings. Just follow these simple steps and get started to create wonderful blogs!