While conducting a search on the internet, we often rely on the search engines and depend on them to seek the content and reviews of our own interest. However, in order to optimize and upgrade the process of accessing the content most desired by us, it becomes the duty of the webmaster to create such efficient SEOs and interlink them with productive contents to get the search engines get their position among the top-most searched links on the internet. Hence, it is often said that SEOs are more or less not only about content marketing but also the other name of it.

It has often been observed that both SEO and Content Marketing are the terms that are used interchangeably without even being aware of the basis of connecting the two terms. Although both SEO and Content Marketing share an unbreakable relation and claimed to be tangentially related, it would be wrong to declare the two separate marketing tools as one without understanding about them.

  • Definition of SEO and Content Marketing

Search Engine Optimisation, which is commonly shortened as SEO, is a technical approach that aids the search engines make way for the websites to show up quickly according to the frequency, popularity and most visited searches and websites whereas Content Marketing is basically a term used for a pathway of marketing and branding products and services through creation of reliable, attractive and substantial content for them. Marketing on the internet is considered to be flawed without the presence of meaningful content. Hence, it can be observed that both Content marketing and SEO can be interlinked, in fact in order to create a good website and attain a good rank for the website, it is important for SEO to work along with Content Marketing.

  • Difference between SEO and Content Marketing

While SEO has a comparatively more technical approach e.g. enhancing metadata, introducing and using tags, constructing sitemaps etc. , its scope narrows down as compared to the Content Marketing which offers a broader scope due to its non-technicalities.

SEO is restricted to follow search engine guidelines that force it to focus on the phrases and keywords which often draw traffic to the webpages and websites, while content marketing is more concentrated on creating appealing and excellent contents that draw and engages the readers, web surfers and audience.

The key difference between the two is that the SEO states what it actually requires for the search engines, e.g. link backs, and the requirements are satisfactorily fulfilled by the content marketers. As a result, it is asserted that both SEO and Content Marketing complement each other.

  • ¬†Still, the correlation between the two exists that explains why SEO is all about Content Marketing

Content Marketing fulfills the demands and requirements of the SEO to qualify them and position the search engines and websites at a higher position. Hence, Content marketing is also known as the pragmatic approach of SEO.

The keywords that are a fundamental part of SEO are meaningless without the availability of a substantial and reliable content linked to it and that responsibility is taken up by the Content Marketers to provide that content to SEO so that relevant results are brought to the audience.

In nutshell, the desired results of searches would not be obtained and SEO campaign would be rendered useless in the absence of Content Marketing. Hence, it is proclaimed that Search Engine Optimisation is all about Content Marketing.